Will Men Give Birth?

961.2 Comment: Chinese scientists in Shanghai conducted experiments on rats in which they transplanted uteruses into males and fertilized them, making them give birth. As a result, ten pups were born. They were born by caesarean section, of course.

They lived to adulthood, were able to reproduce, and didn’t face any serious diseases. Thus, an animal model of male pregnancy in mammals was created. There is such a phenomenon in the world, but it is very rare: seahorses bear offspring, and so on. But this is a rare case. Now they have proven that, roughly speaking, males can also give birth (Global Times, “Chinese scientists help male rat give birth to 10 healthy cubs for first time”).

Question: I am now interested to know what they are alluding to in general? What are all these experiments being conducted for?

Answer: I don’t see any point to it. In any case, it will not result in anything good. It will end up with a bad outcome. Because the male body differs from the female body in every cell. Do you understand? Every cell!

Therefore, to take an organ from a woman and transplant it into a man, it’s against nature. So it will never have a good outcome in the end. Somewhere along the way, maybe not right away, not in the first, but in the second or third generation, something bad will come from it. In any case, nature will not tolerate any perversion done to it.

You’re dealing with psychology, the whole body, the nerve endings, head, thorax, everything. And how are they nursed?

Are the nipples also transplanted? What about milk? The whole body is entirely involved!

We are not even talking about psychology. How the Torah treats a man and a woman differently.

Comment: Two opposites who are forced to live together.

My Response: They have to live together with each other, precisely because they are so different. And only in this way can they connect, unite, and give birth to the following generations.

Question: Because they are so different and opposite is that why? And were they not opposite, they would not connect?

Answer: No.

Question: What is the purpose of connecting all these opposites, opposing poles, completely different creatures? Why do they need to be pressured to be together if they are so different?

Answer: For them to create a system between them that resembles the Creator.

Question: And in this case it is called a real family?

Answer: Yes, “A man and a woman—and the Creator between them.”

Comment: So, maternity leave for a man. Not promising, no matter how much he wants it.

My Response: Would anyone really agree to undergo such an experiment? This is terrible!

Question: Such an experiment. So, is all this happening for the sake of science, for the sake of checking some box?

Answer: Of course. We can’t even imagine what a psychological and mental restructuring this entails. Everything, everything, everything changes.

Because the way a woman thinks and the way a man thinks is not comparable in any way or compatible. Only in the voluntary connection above them, in the desire to unite in spite of their differences, do they begin to build something in common. Love, family, and so on, otherwise, the way life produced beings, male and female, led them to create their offspring in this particular way, precisely from the fact that they appear as extremely opposite of each other.

Then they nevertheless join together, raise offspring, and so on. And look how this offspring depends on the connection between these two types. And the more these species are developed, the greater the distance between them: psychological, physiological, and so forth.

Question: So, the more developed a man and a woman become, the more complex the connection?

Answer: Of course. Not like with rats. It’s all very, very complex, and we don’t understand anything about it yet.

Comment: So we can’t defeat nature. We really want to defeat it, but we cannot.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/8/21

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