Why Do We Feel Emptiness In Life?

294.2Why do we feel an emptiness in our life? It is in order for us to understand the need to take faith above reason upon ourselves. After all, we will never be able to fill this emptiness in the usual way. Only the Creator can fill it. That is why this emptiness is revealed to us.

If we just want to avoid unpleasant feelings, we hide from the state given to us by the Creator and escape the spiritual path. However, if we want to correctly use the feeling of emptiness, we must think about what faith above reason means and what the degree of bestowal is.

What is revealed to me now as emptiness is the place of a higher degree, above our world from the degree of Bina. I must try to fill this emptiness, but fill with the quality of bestowal, and then I will elevate myself to that place.

For this I need the help of the Creator because a person cannot do it himself. The main thing is not to run away from the feeling of emptiness, but to try to fill it with the force of Bina, with faith above reason, the greatness of the Creator, and the quality of bestowal. We must ask the Creator to give us this force.

I do not just feel emptiness, but fill it with the greatness of the Creator. This is the place where I have to reveal the Creator. Therefore, I ask the Creator to give me the possibility to live in this empty place and find spiritual life there in the place that currently seems empty to me. This is because I am used to a different corporeal life and spiritual life is an empty place for me.

The feeling of emptiness means that I do not see any hope in my state, neither in the present nor in the future. From my degree of Malchut, I do not yet feel any fulfillment and importance in the degree of Bina. The degree of bestowal is full of forces and feelings, but I do not feel them yet and I perceive it as emptiness.

Then I have a choice before me, to choose to accept that this is how the upper degree is revealed to me. It still seems empty to me, but I want to fill it with the greatness of the degree of the Creator, the degree of Bina.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/8/21, “Faith Above Reason” 

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