Why Do Some People Become Kabbalists While Others Become Philosophers?

88Question: The fact that the ancient philosophers Aristotle, Plato, and later Spencer took a lot from Kabbalah is evidenced by the mention in their theories that the human community is a living organism in which everything is interconnected.

Why did it happen that some became Kabbalists and attained the upper world, while others remained philosophers?

Answer: If a person initially has a point in his heart, then it pulls him to enter the upper world in one’s senses. And if this point has not yet awakened in him, it means that he does not yet have an embryo that manifests itself from within, this spiritual instrument, this organ of sensation of the upper world. And therefore, he develops an attitude toward the upper world through understanding.

This is how philosophy arose, which is built only on abstract constructions of some forms, all kinds of reasoning, but, in no case, on an explicit, sensory, cognitive penetration into this matter, because they have no connection with it.

People who have a point in their heart and strive for sensation of the upper world go through very serious stages of their own correction because they need to become like the upper world in their properties: to move from the property of receiving to the property of bestowal, from the property of hatred to the property of love.

This is a very difficult inner tragedy that a person experiences in order to achieve such a state after many years of serious, persistent work on oneself. And not the same work as in philosophy or in other methods where self-restraint prevails. Here, the attraction of a special upper force, called the upper light, is carried out, which corrects us.

The one who does this becomes a Kabbalist. He senses, sees, and clearly cognizes the upper world, the upper system that controls us. And the one who cannot develop these properties in himself, since their rudiments have not yet appeared in him, which, perhaps, will appear in the next cycle or after several cycles, becomes a philosopher. This is how humanity develops.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Seekers”

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