To Know Everything About Yourself

198Question: What does a person have to change to be happy?

Answer: To see the world one is in.

Question: Does one need to change some external conditions for that?

Answer: No, absolutely not! Open a book or connect to our website on the Internet. He will get everything from there.

Comment: But it sounds somewhat unrealistic that my happiness depends on reading a book or listening to some channel.

My Response: This is how Kabbalah works. This is a special science that is revealed in this way.

On the other hand, I would say that there is nothing special here. Isn’t the same thing happening to me when I study other sciences—let’s say psychology?

Comment: But I don’t change. By studying any some science, I just accumulate knowledge.

My Response: It depends on what kind of science. If you study the science about yourself, then you change. I said psychology, not veterinary science or geology.

It is not easy. I am changing because the science is about me and about how I can discover the higher world. It is said that Kabbalah is the science of the revelation of the Creator to a person in this world, in this life. By the Creator, we mean the whole of nature, true, global nature, of which we currently feel only one percent, and therefore we do not know how to behave in this world, and not only in it. What happens to us after we die?

Comment: Nobody knows this.

My Response: So I can find it out. Why should I live in this world without knowing what will happen to me next? Then this life has no meaning either. And thus the whole picture is opened for us and it unfolds in front of us—everything right here where we exist.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hope for Peace” 9/9/09

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