To Evaluate The Attitude Of The Upper

232.1Zohar for All, Lech Lecha, Item 99: The Ruach is what sustains the Nefesh in this world, extending the abundance of life and giving to the Nefesh. It is the middle of three degrees… .

Despite the fact that a person has risen from the first degree of Nefesh to the next, Ruach, the first degree is preserved in him.

He begins to understand even more what he went through. Just like today: we are adults, but when we remember our childhood, we can better understand it from our current level, understand why our parents treated us like they did, why we reacted to everything in a certain way.

It is the same here, from the level of Ruach, from the second degree, you better understand the level of Nefesh, and it does not disappear but complements the next level.

Question: Why do I need to know something that has already passed?

Answer: So that you understand how the upper treated you and how he raised you. Based on this, you should become more and more like Him.

Everything that has happened at the previous level of Nefesh you now evaluate differently from the level of Ruach. And therefore, at the previous level, you already have not the light from the level of Nefesh, but the light from the level of Ruach. Moving from the first to the second level, you turn from a baby into a child. In other words, the baby that was in you seemingly rises to the second degree and achieves the degree of child, that is, you become more aware.

It does not feel that way in our world. In the upper world where spiritual ascent is based on attainment, there is a constant accumulation of previous degrees. And they all rise and are added to the very last degree.

Thus, we start to understand all previous degrees, we start to justify the Creator, His actions, our history, our actions, and we are called righteous.

And I can reach the degree of righteous only by passing absolutely all the degrees and checking how the Creator treated me. And when I look at all the previous degrees from the last one, I really justify Him.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #18

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