There Is One Creator Everywhere

963.8Question: Suppose the Creator is revealed in a specific ten that works correctly, let’s call Him Creator 1. Suppose the Creator is also revealed in another ten, let’s call Him Creator 2. Then there is a special event, like a convention, for example, in which the two tens unite as one and Creator 3 appears in them.

Can we say that the history of Creator 1 and Creator 2 is in Creator 3 or that this Creator is unique because the moment of unity between the two tens is unique?

Answer: The Creator is one everywhere. It is the only force that is revealed in every ten according to its unity.

The Creator has only one attribute, the attribute of absolute love and bestowal. You will reveal Him to the extent that you resemble this attribute.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/7/19

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