The Resistance That Carries The Light Of Life

608.02For man shall not see Me and live (Exodus 33:20).

To see the Creator means to engage your senses of perception of the direct light, the so-called desires of the mind, the light of Hochma, and receive it in your desires. But you cannot do this because it will instantly result in a short circuit between the upper light and your desire, like plus and minus.

You need to build resistance between them where the difference in potential and energy will be created, which is transformed into a sensation of this degree to the extent that you can be between a plus and a minus, between your egoism and the light of the Creator.

When you are between them and are ready to resist straight fulfillment, namely you turn on your resistance and want to use the desire and the incoming pleasure to fulfill others, you begin to attain the next, higher degree.

Turning into resistance to your own egoism and fulfilling others is an ideal state. Then the upper light will pass through you, which will work for you as resistance.

This is perfection, this is where joy is, because all the qualities of the Creator, all the qualities of the upper light, and all the spiritual energy will manifest in you. Otherwise, you will simply short-circuit the plus and minus and turn everything into death.

Question: Are all other souls included in this resistance? Do I sense them in it?

Answer: No, only you are included in this resistance. What does it mean that you are working with it? By rising above your egoism, you connect with other souls in order to fulfill them. You put a barrier before your egoism and start working in the opposite direction.

At the same time you connect other receiving souls to yourself so the energy, light, power, and strength consumed by you, passes through you, and goes to them. In this you become like the Creator filling them.

The Creator stands behind you as a source of infinite energy, pleasure, and attainment. And all of it passes through you to others.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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