In Order For Evil To Work For Good

546.02Question: After the victory of Joshua over the city of Ai, an altar was being built to the God of Israel on Mount Ebal. One of the translations of the word “ebal” is evil. Why is the altar placed on evil?

Answer: And how else? Where is the temple placed? Also on evil. This is all done to rise above egoism. Therefore, everything that is under it is evil. Thanks to the construction, it is corrected.

Question: It seemed to me that first the evil is corrected and then the building is erected over it.

Answer: No, egoism cannot be corrected. A completely opposite quality is built over it, and thus this primordial evil works for good: for connection, unity, and unification.

One arises above the other. Nothing vanishes, nothing disappears. And even if we say that the ego is destroyed, it means that its evil usage is killed. And the ego itself remains and contributes to the creation of good. Egoism should always be at the bottom, while a temple is being built above it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/19/21

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