The Property From Which The Development Of The Soul Begins

740.01Lech Lecha, Item 28: Since the Creator saw his awakening and his desire, He immediately revealed Himself to him and told him, “Go forth,” to know yourself and to correct yourself. “Go Forth”—for you shall not be among sinners.

The Torah talks to a single person who includes the whole world inside him. It says: everything is inside you—inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature. You must discern a single quality within yourself called “Adam,” which sets you free, separate it and start working with it. With it, you must surpass all other qualities, break away from them in order to raise it, shape it, and create from it the likeness of the Creator within yourself.

This property is called Abraham, which means the beginning of an image that will later become similar to the Creator. This is the first quality, the quality of mercy, which is born in us in likeness to the Creator. The development of the soul begins with it.

Once a person begins to realize his first spiritual quality, he understands that he must rise above his past, above all Babylon, above mutual hatred, along with this new quality. He separates himself from the past, rises above it as if leaving that place and moving to another.

Therefore, Abraham was told: “Go for to know yourself,” that is, get out of this place, rise above your old egoistic nature. And he did.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar,” #17

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