The Middle Line In A Person And In Society

232.06Question: What is the middle line in a person?

Answer: The middle line in a person is one’s soul. If a person closed the right and left lines in himself, then in this way he would burn the rudiments of his soul that are intended for his development.

Question: What is the middle line in society?

Answer: In society there should be laws that would help a person, would educate him in such a way that he will think only about others and not about himself. In this case, all his actions would be virtuous and encouraged by society and he would receive an appropriate reward for this.

If he did not act for the good of everyone but only for his own sake, he would be punished. Then the reward and punishment by the correct society would educate him.

The middle line inside a person is his screen, the anti-egoistic force, which enables him to absorb both his natural egoistic property, to receive for his own sake, and the altruistic property that manifests itself in us, which is a part of the Creator.

The middle line in a corrected society is the laws that could balance these two forces.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/23/21

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