How Can One See The Perfection Of Nature?

720Because any observation of the work of Creation is enough to teach us about the greatness and perfection of its Operator and Creator. Therefore, we must understand and be very careful when casting a flaw in any item of Creation, saying it is redundant and superfluous, as that would be slander about its Operator. (Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”)

When we look at something in the world, at human characteristics, at still, vegetative, animate, and speaking phenomena and ask why it exists because it would be preferable if it didn’t exist, what we are saying is that we don’t understand the perfection of the image of nature.

The only thing that we must do is correct ourselves and then we will see how nature is corrected.

Why are natural forms found at odds with each other, in struggle, and eating each other? If people who want to eat each other would achieve a state of mutual accommodation and wholeness on the human level, we would see how all of nature also becomes like this.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/7/19

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