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749.02Question: Can we say that now all of humanity is in the period of preparation for entering the land of Israel?

Answer: Humanity is in a period of preparation from the point of view of how it is being prepared from above. But how does it feel down below? People are in a semi-conscious state that something is happening to them that they do not understand at all.

Nevertheless, we are entering the era of the last generation since there are already several thousand people who understand the meaning of what is happening and their task of taking on this mission and fulfilling it.

The rest will join, there is no conversation with them. After all, if a person does not receive awakening from above to reach the property of bestowal and love, you cannot demand anything from him, he remains at the level at which he is.

The same several thousand who understand the essence of what is happening can be imagined as Israelis approaching this border. They will be drawn from all over the Earth, as they say. Not that they will move here physically, but they will begin to rise internally and gradually create a detachment of pioneers who will enter the holy land.

Question: Will the whole world enter after them?

Answer: The whole world will not even enter. It will simply connect to them. But the division into Galgalta ve Eynaim and AHAP, into pioneers, trailblazers, and the rest of the population will remain.

It is thanks to the connection between this small group that the rest of humanity will inevitably be pulled up under it and gradually attract more and more upper energy, more light through it. In this way, they too will begin to change.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/12/21

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