Getting Out Of The Fire Alive

112Question: It is said in the Torah that Abraham was thrown into the fire of a red-hot furnace. When his father saw that he came out of the fire alive, he agreed to go with him. What does it mean?

Answer: The fact is that Abraham and his father Terah made statues out of clay, burned them in a furnace, and then sold them.

To come out of the furnace healthy and unharmed means to come out strengthened in the quality of bestowal and love. Therefore, Abraham was able to leave Babylon, i.e., all that was in it in egoistic growth and enmity.

The furnace is an internal analysis when you do not know what to do: everything is burning in you, and you do not understand where to go and what to do. This is resistance to your past, present, and future, which you do not understand. Such a burning, as the fire of hell, the unknown, the lack of understanding of the causes and consequences of what is happening, this is the furnace.

A quality is extracted from the fire, with which you can advance. It was from the past quality, which is called Terah, that a new quality, called Abraham, came out. It is no longer Abram, but Abraham, the germ of the soul.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #17

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