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292Question: “From Your actions we shall know You,” this is one of the principles of the study of the world, applied in Kabbalah. The Creator or nature constantly influences us. How can I decipher and determine exactly how the Creator influences me and how to react correctly?

Answer: For this we need to really be researchers and not stop halfway.

While studying the world, we explore it through our material senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. In addition, we have no other opportunities to experience the environment, including ourselves.

But are these senses sufficient to provide us with all the information about where we are, who we are, and how we can change ourselves in order to clearly understand who we are and where we are? This is constantly being questioned, but the problem is that we have nothing else.

We only understand that we do not feel everything, we do not know everything, we are limited in our comprehension of the world and even know ourselves poorly. Various sciences, theories, and methods somehow try to explain this to us, to supplement our flawed picture of the world. But this is not enough, it does not suit us.

Unfortunately, this is how humanity lives and makes hasty conclusions for today and tomorrow. Naturally, it constantly makes mistakes, and all these mistakes are very bitter and cost us dearly. Therefore, we move from suffering to suffering. And if we somehow, even a little, avoid them, we understand that this is temporary. Every year we make even more mistakes. What to do? This is the world we exist in, there is no other.

Kabbalah says that we need to change ourselves. And then, instead of the five senses we have, we will be able to acquire an additional organ of sensing, which makes it possible to feel what is outside of us. Not in us, but outside of us.

This is a completely different approach. What is outside of us, we do not feel. All our senses and earthly devices are built on absorbing something from the outside and, sensing it, evoking in us an individual, subjective idea of what affects us in this way.

And while studying Kabbalah, we try to get out of ourselves and succeed in this by developing a sense organ that is not tuned to absorb the influence of the surrounding world on me, but to feel the world that is not disturbed by me, as it is. As this opportunity to get out of myself expands, I begin to understand that here I am dealing with one single force called  the Creator, which determines all this in me.

When I start to be contained in Him, I see that I do not need anything else. Coming out of oneself is the only opportunity to experience the true universe, and this gives me absolutely everything that is necessary for correct existence.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/2/21

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