Conscious Development

237Comment: In the spiritual world, the act of conception, birth, and development is accompanied by rage, anger, even suffering. After all, a person is forced to go by faith above reason as if with his eyes closed.

My Response: Only at the beginning. And then it happens inside a person in his
constant tension to keep the intention for bestowal, for love, and for connection with others and with the Creator.

Question: You write that to annul oneself to the upper is a very hard work. What is this annulment?

Answer: It is in suppressing one’s egoism and gradually rising above it to bestowal, love, altruism. All these efforts take place inside a person.

If in an ordinary embryo  it happens automatically that it, as it were, annuls itself in relation to the mother so that it develops, then here, we do everything consciously.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/6/21

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