A New Wave Of Coronavirus In Israel

220Comment: Everyone believed that vaccinated countries such as Israel and the United Kingdom were protected. And suddenly, there is a virus in both the UK and Israel. In Israel, the increase in new diseases is at a rate of about 20% per day. 50% of the sick Israelis were already vaccinated.

And everyone looks at Israel: “We were hoping that they would slip through.”

My Response: No. In the end, Israel cannot slip through. It is Israel who is responsible for bringing the world to balance, to a healthy lifestyle.

It will be revealed to us that we cannot do anything with our brains, with our science.

The whole world will think: “How is it possible? It seemed like they succeeded.” No, it will not work. We will suffer more than others, not less than others. Because we are to blame for what is happening.

Because we must bring the world to balance, we are obliged to tell the world why all the suffering in the world occurs and where these terrible viruses actually come from. And every month and year they will get worse and worse in their manifestations.

Nothing will help us: no science, no brains, no diligence, nothing! Only our connection and correct attitude to each other, exactly as it is written. In Kabbalah, everything is explained very simply: if we do not do this, these viruses will consume us.

Question: So neither high-tech nor the development of our healthcare, which is so sharp, nothing will help?

Answer: No. Only correcting our relations with each other!

Question: And then we will show an example to the whole world?

Answer: Yes. This is why the Jewish people and the State of Israel exist.

Question: Until we understand this, will the troubles continue and became worse and worse?

Answer: Yes. But here is what is interesting. Everyone usually listens to something bad about Israel with pleasure all over the world, but they do not hear this! How long have I been talking about this? The Jews are to blame, let’s put pressure on them to fulfill their destiny.

The tragedy is in that this is exactly what they do not hear! They do not pay attention.

Question: How will they hear then?

Answer: I don’t know. But I am doing what I can. How else can I scream? Try to get into the UN?

I would go; I would come out with pleasure. Let’s tell the whole world, the international community, explain to everyone and to Israel itself what our whole purpose is. Getting rid of all these viruses, of all the evil in the world—it is only by forcing the Jews to enter into good mutual relations with each other.

And then their good relations will influence all the nations of the world so that they would begin to connect with each other through this small group of Jews, or not only Jews, this is already a united group. And then there will be balance and peace in the world.

Question: Who do you include in the concept of Jews?

Answer: Everyone who is with us. By the same principle as in ancient Babylon: those who took upon themselves the duty to achieve love for their neighbor.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/28/21

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