Revelations Of The Ari For Humanity

531.03There are people who by their very nature crave connection with the upper. And then they tell us and explain who we are in connection with, who controls us, and who we really are. There were many such people throughout history. Among them were those who left us the means to establish a connection with the upper force. We remember, honor, and study these people.

A huge contribution to this was made by a man whose name was the Ari, Isaac Luria Ashkenazi. He lived in the 16th century. Before him, there were many generations of Kabbalists from Adam HaRishon to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Behind each of these names is an entire Kabbalistic school for spiritual development of a person.

And yet, the Ari is of great importance in the development of Kabbalah. Today is the memorial day of his departure, and if we remember him and study his works, we get the opportunity to connect with this special soul, the likes of which no longer exist in all of humanity.

This soul plays a very special role in the system of Adam HaRishon and has made such a huge contribution to its correction that no one else was able to reach.

If we want to connect with the Ari, we must connect with the principles of the science of Kabbalah he taught to his students, meaning we must fulfill in full the rule of loving one’s neighbor as oneself.

Revelations of the Ari for humanity can be compared in importance to Moses receiving the Torah. We are not really aware of it and do not really know how to use the Torah. The Ari took a step forward, explained to us what the inner essence of the Torah is, why it is necessary to keep it, and how through our connection, all the parts of creation will be connected.

The creation was deliberately shattered so that we could collect it through our own efforts and lead it to correction, and thus attain the inner force that unites everything—the Creator.

From the Torah itself, we were unable to understand all this. But generation after generation has sunk lower and lower after the ruin of the First and Second Temples and as the final stage of the 2,000 years of exile neared in the 16th century, the time had come to reveal to humanity the method of correction. And then the soul of the Ari appeared to explain to us how the upper system affects us and what we should do in accordance with it.

The Ari gave us a clear, generalized, systematic explanation of where we are, which force controls us from above, how we should act from below in accordance with this, and what our goal is.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/14/21, “Memorial Day of the ARI”

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