Why Are We Getting Confused?

629.3Question: Are there boundaries in the upper existence? Does infinity have limits?

Answer: Whether the upper existence is infinite or not, it all manifests itself only in our sensations. So we can’t talk about it objectively.

Question: I wonder why a person is so confused. In principle, it should be initially imprinted, that he perceives everything only subjectively. But for some reason, he is given the concept of objectivity, he is confused that he can look at things objectively. What’s the point? In general, where has a person discovered that a concept of “objectivity” exists?

Answer: It is given from above. We can say that each person is given this to a greater or lesser extent, depending, so to speak, on the kind of soul he has, and he should try to realize this opportunity.

Question: Is this essentially a sense of truth?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 4/12/21

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