Under The Great Act Of Creation

294.4Comment: Kabbalists say that The Book of Zohar does not write about our life.

My Response: What to write about?! About animals that improve themselves in their burrows, in their communication and actions? What are we doing in this world?!

Go up into space, see from the outside how the people live, what they are doing, and why they exist in general. We see how a huge egoistic force of nature twists people, constantly drags them into all sorts of nonsense, and pushes them inside their egoism.

Question: What should we do?

Answer: Explain to everyone that there is a higher goal! Otherwise, they will remain on the animal level.

All sorts of questions arise in them: “What am I living for? Why?” See what dramatic events are taking place in the world: globalization, the environmental and financial crises, the internal crisis in education, in everything! All this is moving forward.

We just need to tell people why this movement exists, that it is purposeful, so that they see it as an act of liberation from their low, limited lives.

In no way do I want them to think that we are somehow above them or consider their existence contemptuous. We ourselves also live in this, only we have already seen some light at the end of the path and know how to come to it. Therefore, we must explain it in a brotherly way, with love. After all, we are all under this great, dramatic act of creation.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #11

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