See The Universe In Its Entirety

294.3Question: What, according to Kabbalah, is the goal that can seal a marriage between a man and a woman?

Answer: Universal harmony, which can be achieved if you know how to cope with your nature and with the world around us. We are not only at odds with each other but also with it. Given the disruption of the environment and everything that is happening around us, we are heading toward destruction.

We need to learn from nature the correct interconnection, the so-called homeostasis, when everything is balanced; all parts of nature are harmoniously connected between each other, and we are its integral part.

And we, on the contrary, have separated ourselves from nature, put ourselves above it saying that we can do whatever we want. As a result, we destroy ourselves and our environment. We are like a cancerous tumor devouring everything around us and ourselves.

Question: Are all these phenomena: unwillingness to marry, surrogacy, selling stem cells of an unborn baby, the result of the development of our unrestrained egoism?

Answer: Yes. And not only that. We need to completely rebuild ourselves. But this is possible only when the entire nature is revealed to man. Today we see only a small fragment of our world.

We do not see where we are coming from and where we are going, we do not see the overall nature, we do not know where events are coming from, what will happen in a minute. I do not see the forces that control me. I see that humanity is evolving. But how?

Thoughtlessly; it is unclear how. So I need to find out what nature requires of me. When I perceive the whole perspective, when I begin to understand all these forces, the whole program, then I will think reasonably.

Therefore, Kabbalah is called “the secret science” because it reveals the hidden part of the world to us. As soon as we begin to see it, we will do the right thing. The main thing is to see.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Common Law Marriage” 8/11/09

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