The Passover—The Prohibition To Eat Leavened Food

545Question: “Pesach” (from the word “Pasach”) means to overstep, to jump from egoistic properties to altruistic ones, to the properties of the Creator.

Kabbalists allegorically described the order of getting out of egoism in the form of the Passover meal. One of the symbols of Passover is the prohibition to eat leavened food. What does leaven mean in our inner work?

Answer: The prohibition to eat leavened food means that if you wish to leave Egypt, you cannot use any intentions for your own sake. If you want to get out of your egoistic desire, you must get rid of all actions that hold you back in this intention.

Question: What does matzah, which is called the bread of poverty, symbolize?

Answer: Bread is what man lives on. The way out of the egoistic state consists in the fact of beginning to eat such food that does not fill one’s egoism, but only that which gives spiritual strength, the property of bestowal.

The custom of eating matzah means that a person should receive only what is needed to maintain his body, and should work with everything else for bestowal.

Question: Another symbol of Passover is pre-Passover cleaning. What is the reason for this?

Answer: This means that we must completely renounce our egoistic desires. Thus, we leave Egypt, i.e., our common egoistic intentions for our own sake.

Therefore, we must cleanse ourselves of leaven (Chametz), which symbolizes these intentions, and of various actions at all levels—inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human—of everything that is around us and inside us. This is what is written: “So that there is no chametz in your possession.”
FromKabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/26/21

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