Replenish Yourself For The Benefit Of Another

631.2Question: What happens when we study Kabbalah? Do men and women start to feel their nature?

Answer: First they begin to understand and then feel that they are completely opposite of each other: in body, mind, awareness, and in the vision of the world. We have just blurred this distinction so much that we do not even pay attention to it and it seems that it does not exist.

We think that in this way we can come to some kind of mutual understanding, gender equality, and so on. This is not true. We must clearly understand the difference between a man and a woman, because when each of us is in the right position, we can add, and replenish ourselves for the benefit of the other.

Kabbalah talks about how we need to unite with each other while preserving our contradictions and even making them more prominent. When I show a woman that she is a woman in my eyes, and show her myself as a man, we do not immediately introduce ourselves into some kind of intimate relationship.

We speak at the mental, emotional level, at the level of upbringing and interaction. By this we show how opposite we are, but at the same time how we can complement each other. Kabbalah explains how a man and a woman should be interconnected.

It seems to us that in nature such a connection, for example, between a male and a female, is much simpler. It is actually not that simple. We do not see their internal differences, how they interact with each other. If we correctly accepted our differences, this would lead us to a completely different culture, sphere of communication, and construction of other social institutions.

We would communicate in a completely different way at work, on vacation, and in interactions between families. We would have other TV and radio programs. Games, sports, everything would look different.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/11/09

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