Passover—The World’s Celebration Of Freedom

229Question: Passover celebration. It tells how the Jewish people came out of Egyptian slavery. In fact, for Kabbalists, it sounds different. We have our egoism—our nature, and here we talk about how we get out of this egoism.

Now I have the feeling that this is not a Jewish holiday but a world holiday, especially considering the events that have happened in the world.

What does Passover mean for the world? How do you feel about it?

Answer: The world feels bad. But It does not know the reason for it. It also does not know the cure for the fact that it feels bad. Like a child, it feels bad and that is all. There is no recognition of evil, that is, the cause of the suffering.

The reason for suffering is in the big, sudden increase in egoism, which sometimes freezes a little and then, suddenly grows with a jerk.

Question: So can you say that the world now feels like it is inside the Egyptian slavery, under the slavery of egoism?

Answer: It just depends on how people feel. They just feel bad.

Question: So, has the Passover celebration reached humanity yet?

Answer: I do not think it is quite right to call it a celebration. The world does not feel that its egoism is the cause of all its suffering.

This is necessary! If we begin to look closely at our egoistic nature, at how we treat each other, then we can conclude that our whole world is evil because we are so egoistic, because we wish evil to each other, we are in opposition, in contradiction, in conflict, with each other: internal, external, and so on. We are in the slavery of this egoistic force that guides us, twists us, and pushes us.

To realize the evil of our nature is the most important thing. Because after that, we can already come to an understanding of how to get rid of it.

Question: If we assume that a person begins to feel this, what are his thoughts? How does he get rid of this? Except for the inner cry: “I want to get rid of it! I do not want to be egoist!” What else does he need?

Answer: Nothing! Just demand that nature change us. Nothing else. We do not have to make any extra effort, because there is really nothing we can do. If we are inside egoism, then any of our attempts and actions will still be egoistic, and by this we will only deceive ourselves.

What we can do is get together, discuss our condition, come to the conclusion that it is simply terrible, and there is no way for us to get rid of it ourselves unless we can convince our nature to leave us alone, that we do not want to be dominated by egoism. Take away from us this alien will, this upper force, so that it does not command each of us and does not collide us with each other!

Question: Then, will the person have the feeling that he is under the rule of the Pharaoh?

Answer: Yes. In the slavery of the evil force of nature. Then he will begin to understand this story correctly. He will begin to treat it correctly, that in fact, this evil nature is created specifically, by a positive force, the Creator. Then we turn to Him personally, so that He removes this evil nature from us.

If we convince the Creator to remove this evil egoistic force from us that pushes us against each other and does not give us peace, then it will become a truly global celebration in which everyone is interconnected, in which everyone begins to treat each other correctly, with love, with awareness, with the understanding that we are one single system.

Question: What is called “the exit of the people from slavery”? The people—is it the whole world?

Answer: Absolutely the whole world.

Question: Who is the leader that leads them? The Torah says Moshe, Moses—what is it?

Answer: This is from the word “Moshech”—pulling out. It is a force that pulls people out of their egoism. This power comes from above. The power of awareness of the evil we were in, and the power of good, which we can be in.

Question: Do you think that humanity should reach out to this force?

Answer: Everyone should feel that they are shouting, that they want it. Nothing more is needed. There is no need to follow any people, leaders, deliverers, moshiach(s), and so on. Nothing needed.

Question: What is freedom then? After all, this is a celebration of freedom.

Answer: Freedom from egoism, freedom from the fact that you are always under the influence of evil, and it is your inner evil that pushes you to be evil to others. This is all a celebration of liberation. This is the spring festival.

Only egoism is the cause of our suffering. There is nothing else. There are only two forces in the world: positive and negative.

Question: Why don’t we just hit this point?

Answer: We do not want to, we put our hands and feet up, just to avoid getting close to it, because we are all egoists. Only in egoism do I feel myself and the whole world. I cannot imagine how to feel the world outside of this quality.

Question: In principle, does the wisdom of Kabbalah speak only about this—how to feel who you are, your nature, and how to get out of it?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How to get people to start doing it?

Answer: If we do not want to, we will be forced to. But it is going to be all fine.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/22/21

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