Egyptian Darkness

95Comment: After eight Egyptian plagues, the ninth blow comes: Egyptian darkness. If I understand correctly, this means that a person in his current state feels a complete lack of enjoyment.

My Response: I would say, rather, it is hopelessness; a person realizes that he has nothing ahead of him and nothing left behind, but he agrees to stay in this state.

Each plague is a condition when you accept the quality of bestowal as the only quality acceptable for you. It turns out that now, in full bestowal, which is required of a person in darkness, he agrees to it.

Question: Where does he feel the darkness? In his egoism?

Answer: Yes. Egoism can no longer inspire him in any way, can no longer lead to anything. A person realizes that this is a great evil, which can only be eliminated, not to feed on it, not to develop with it, because he cannot build anything in this state.

In principle, all ten plagues are ten renunciations of the ten egoistic desires that constitute our soul.

Question: Isn’t depression when a person feels darkness?

Answer: No. Not at all! This is a vigorous movement forward of a person who understands that only in this way can he reach the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/30/20

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