Why Does It Seem To Me That I Am A Jew?

622.02Comment: One of my students asked me a question: “Why do I find myself thinking so much about Jews lately, even think that I, myself, am a Jew?”

My Response: The fact is that we are approaching a certain development, although it never really stopped—it sometimes faded a little and at other times was re-kindled—when many have the subconscious feeling that there are special people who have this calling, who set the world in a new direction, and constantly ignite it.

Indeed, such a group of people exists, although it is mistakenly called a nation. It is not a nation but a group within humanity. We are living in a time when their mission should become clear to everyone, and everyone will understand the root of their connection to the Jews, and why each of them feels that, perhaps, he is a Jew himself.

First, because it is true: in every person there is a so-called point in the heart, which characterizes a Jew.

“Jew” ([“Hebrew”] from the word “Laavor“) means transition to another level of consciousness, perception of reality. This is the mission of this people, this group.

Therefore, people, especially today, feel that there is something in them that pushes them, calls them, pulls them to transition to the next level of attainment of nature, to their mission, and the meaning of life.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 7/13/18

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