When Good Is Clothed In Evil

207Zohar For All, VaYera, Item 375: Similarly, on a day when there is Din in the world and the Creator sits at the throne of judgment, that Satan is there slandering above and below. He is there to destroy the world and to take people’s souls, since he is Satan, the angel of death.

Comment: We say that there is no one in the world beside the Creator. Yet, it turns out, there is also Satan.

My Response: In the “warehouse” of the Creator there is not only Satan but also Pharaoh, good and evil angels, the angel of death, and so on.

Question: What about “There is none else besides Him”?

Answer: That is why they are in His “warehouse,” and He uses them, sends these forces in all directions, and He just controls them, pulls the strings. We are under the influence of both good and bad forces. Moreover, they are allegedly bad because everything is for good.

After all, in order to move us forward, it is necessary to push us from the opposite side. Here He is revealed to us in His different guises, with different faces: kind and evil, bad and good.

All this is in order to show man the inner meaning, to show him life, history, geography, all the development of humanity, the inner world of everyone, and so on. We must discover this from two opposite qualities.

What does the Creator do? He takes control over Satan and works through him. The good is clothed in evil in order to influence our evil and by this counterattack lead us to good. Otherwise, we, as egoists, would take the good in such a way as to selfishly seize it.

However, when this good is clothed in evil and as if the external evil from the Creator opposes our evil, then our discontent manifests and problems arise. We are forced to do something with ourselves.

Gradually, we become softer, open up, and become ready for the revelation of good. Then the Creator releases the good out of Himself, and we merge with each other. This is the only way we can influence each other: good for good and evil for evil.

It will not work out otherwise because others will not understand you. Try to treat well those who treat you badly, and you will see that by doing so you only awake even greater evil. But internally, one must still act with love and kindness.

On the outside, you must behave the way they do because only in this way can you force the opposite side to accept the method of correction. This is an elementary corporeal psychology. The Creator also works with us according to this principle.

There is nothing complicated about this. You just need to go a little deeper into the system of relationships that exists between us, see that it works, and use it precisely to understand the internal system of the universe and reach your spiritual ascent.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar,” #7

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