What Activates The Mechanism Of Faith Above Reason?

528.03Question: Is the concern of a mother for her baby a manifestation of faith above reason or does it have nothing to do with that? What triggers the mechanism of faith above reason?

Answer: There is no thing spiritual in any mechanism in the relationships between people, and especially physically, like between a mother and baby in which there is nothing spiritual. This can be summed up as an egoistic attraction of a mother to her baby. This attraction exists both among animals and humans and is nothing more.

The mechanism of faith above reason is activated by being found as much as possible in a group whose members have a single opinion and thought in which you mutually push each other toward activities that resemble spirituality, and gradually, according to your efforts, the Ohr Makif (surrounding light) bestows to you and develops in you the characteristic of Bina (the characteristic of bestowal, faith above reason). Faith is the characteristic of Bina, knowledge is Malchut—faith above reason.

Question: Does a person know how and when the light will bestow on him?

Answer: No, a person does not know. But if someone is studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and is participating together with their friends in this study, in the organization of events, then one will constantly think about how the upper light will influence them. He needs the light; therefore, he will strive to attract it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/23/18

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