Try To Think About Your Neighbor!

552.02Question: Who is the neighbor?

Answer: Anyone. If a person does everything it takes to keep our system in balance, then the only thing that matters for him is bestowal. In fact, it is easy. Try to think about the other and you will see how all the nonsense, all the problems disappear from your head. Just like this—from myself to the others.

Question: Is a neighbor really any person in the world?

Answer: Yes. Try it. Even at the corporeal level. At the Kabbalistic level, we already deal with the system of connections.

Comment: In order to do something for someone else, I need to get some kind of fuel. I need to understand why I am doing this.

My Response: You will be given fuel. You will also be given calories in order to act.

Question: But it is not natural for a person to think about the neighbor, right?

Answer: Ask for strength so that it will become possible.

Question: Why do I need all this?

Answer: By doing this you reach equivalence to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/26/19

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