The Creator Is Revealed In Joy

941It is written in The Book of Zohar that we can only serve the Creator in joy. The Shechina, the Creator, builds the place for His revelation only when man is working in this place with joyful expectation that this will happen.

If a person is sad and suffers when he fights with his will to receive, it means that he still is dependent on it and has not yet risen above egoism. Rising above egoism brings a person a sense of joy, which means that he is coming closer to the revelation of the Creator.

Therefore, the more joy and excitement we feel from the fact that we want to reveal the connection between us for the sake of bestowal to each other and to the Creator, the closer we are to the quality of the Creator, to discovering the place between us where the Creator will be revealed.

The Creator is revealed in joy! This is a very important and necessary condition. There can be no such thing that a person is advancing in spirituality while he is crying bitterly. If he is crying, it means that he has not yet come out of his egoism.

We should be happy that we have received the opportunity to participate in this Convention. It is a special gift that the Creator allows us to gather such a great number of people in today’s pandemic-ridden world, burning and losing perspective, falling into the abyss. All previous achievements and high goals are devalued, people lose hope for the future and do not know what will happen tomorrow. It is clear to everyone that this cannot continue.

And precisely now when people feel desperate, helpless, hopeless, not knowing how to get out of this pandemic, we must go forward with joy. We know what for and why everything happens, and who does it. In this way, the Creator wants to advance all of humanity toward connection.

Everything that happens to humanity pushes us to connect in the most optimal, fast, and convenient way. In spirituality there is only rising and no falling, especially in our time of the last generation.

Even if we are not feeling very joyful, we should always play at, pretending to be joyful, trying to lift ourselves up from the current state. It does not matter what state I am in, it may be a good one, but I want to be in an even better state. This aspiration must always be present! Remember this and never forget.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/25/21 ,“The Joy in the Gathering,” Lesson 1

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