Outside Matter

707The Torah is called a means for gaining freedom—freedom from the angel of death. During this life, we must go through four stages of the right correction and use of our egoism. It helps us from the other side, by harming us, it helps us rise above it.

By using the ego correctly, a person attains eternity. He begins to feel himself on a level above egoistic level. If only we could imagine what it means to reach this level! We enter a state that exists without consuming, not absorbing into ourselves, but only bestowing, as if you are outside of matter, outside of absorption. Such a state is determined in us and is felt by us as eternal.

This, in principle, is what Kabbalah gives us. It does not speak about this world at all, its nations, and lands, about how you settle down here with your problems: bank, work, health, and family.

Kabbalah only talks about how to bring a man to a higher level where you no longer exist in matter, and therefore, are eternal.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #8

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