How Long Does It Take To Cross The Machsom?

503.02Question: How long can it take to cross the Machsom?

Answer: It is not possible to say for sure. Maybe a few years, maybe even a few decades. It all depends on how much a person invests, how deep his soul is.

If he has a serious, deep soul, this means that he has a great egoism, and then it is very difficult for him to cross the Machsom, to exit into the feeling of the upper world, to begin to correct himself and others in it.

There are people who went through it quite easily, even in a couple of years.

As a rule, it depends on the size of the soul’s egoism. Therefore, a lot of work is required with heavy egoism. But then this soul can do much in our world and in the upper world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/6/20

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