Spiritual Surprise

276.02Question: Do people cross the Machsom together, as a group, or singularly?

Answer: In principle, the individual is very important. Therefore, in a group, everyone goes through the Machsom in their own way, and not all at the same time. But on the other hand, the crossing of the Machsom by at least one of the tens has a great impact on the others.

Question: So, the Machsom is crossed one by one, but the simultaneous transition is not excluded?

Answer: The fact is that the transition from the feeling of our world to the feeling of the upper world, the forces of bestowal, occurs gradually. This is not a pull or a breakthrough, but a gradual transition, during which many different foundations change in a person. And therefore, we can’t say that someone has slipped in now, and another hasn’t yet.

Question: So this process takes many years?

Answer: No, the action itself is quite intense. It doesn’t last for many years.

Question: Is this a surprise for a person when something is suddenly revealed to him?

Answer: Yes. Any spiritual action that reveals itself in a new way in a person becomes a surprise for him. He feels that the world is filled with the quality of bestowal and love, the quality of the Creator, and feels a great attraction to this.

Question: So the difference between someone who has crossed the Machsom and someone who has not, is that a person who has crossed the Machsom sees only positive forces working in the world, he sees everything rosy?

Answer: It’s not pink. Simply, there is one positive force in the world that operates in the quality of bestowal and love.

Question: Does he also see the manifestation of egoism in our world as positive?

Answer: He sees this simply as a lack of understanding of the existence of a positive spiritual force.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/6/20

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