My Thoughts On Twitter 2/24/21

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

From every lesson, from every gathering, gradually, bit by bit, we assemble the desire, until we accumulate it sufficiently to understand that we cannot break through the Machsom on our own. Because it is impossible to jump over the potential barrier standing before us, which is only possible if the Creator will lift us up.

There is a process underway of a new society forming —a society that’s ready to hear, and then to implement the transition from the principle “for myself” to the principle “corporeal necessities for everyone, and all other efforts are for revealing the Creator to everyone.” Consent to this will happen very soon—either the good way, or the bad way.

Masks, isolation at home, distance from work, social distancing and restrictions of social contacts—this creates an opportunity for us to experience ourselves outside of social pressure, to discover in the isolation all of its opportunities—and to decide what kind of contacts we would like to create. This process is gradual and reciprocating.
From Twitter, 2/24/21

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