An Amplifier Of Spiritual Senses

624.07Question: According to what you say, a teacher has tools that help him withstand feelings that are multiplied by 620 times. How are these tools acquired?

Answer: The point is that spiritual work is carried out in the property of bestowal, not in the attribute of reception. A kind of amplifier appears in you because you begin to feel everything outside yourself and not inside of you.

You yourself become a sensor. Your whole ego, everything that you once absorbed and felt inside changes from an organ of reception to an organ of sensation.

Imagine your whole body becomes eyes, ears, tactile sensation, organs of taste and smell. You begin to feel through them as one single organ everything that happens around you, outside yourself, at infinite distance and infinite planes.

This is what is referred to by the expression that you begin to feel 620 times more. In fact, it is billions and billions times more than what we feel today. But you have the opportunity to feel and not explode from these sensations because you feel it as love from yourself and not inside of you.

Why does Kabbalah tell a person that he must exit himself? Because what you begin to feel, you cannot absorb. It will simply tear you apart because these sensations are billions of times more powerful than the ones we feel and experience now. Our world is generally considered  non-existent relative to the upper world precisely because of the insignificance of its sensations.

So we must first acquire an external sense called faith above reason, the attribute of love and bestowal, and then, once you are in this motion, you will be able to gradually feel the upper world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/2/18

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