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749.02Question: What is the difference between a corporeal group and a virtual group?

Answer: If the friends work correctly between them, there is probably no difference.

Why probably? In order to do that, we need to go through certain phases of development, to achieve something, to begin to understand and to perceive it, to process these phases, and then to advance. We are pioneers in this sense, because we are doing something that has never been fulfilled in history.

After all, the group that Abraham assembled in ancient Babylon and called Israel operated in different conditions. They were not shattered and they ascended to the level of the First Temple, which means one level below full correction.

Then they were partly shattered on the level of the First Temple, and fully shattered on the level of the Second Temple. They passed another 2,000 years of detachment from the spiritual state. This is the reason that today we are beginning to reconnect.

Since the Babylonians dispersed all over the globe at the time, and Abraham’s group also dispersed in the world and mixed with other nations, we now begin to gradually reassemble, not knowing from where and how. Yet, these are not our own independent actions, but the outcome of the Creator’s effect, the effect of the general light on us.

So when we reassemble, we don’t know how to act. There are general schemas, general rules of the correction of the broken Kli (shattered vessel) of the one soul. But no matter what you ask about, I will not tell you that that is the way it should be, even if I am absolutely sure of the answer, because in the spiritual world there is the rule of “there is none wiser than the experienced.”

A wise man is a person who undergoes everything and speaks about it only from his own experience, but who knows the levels that we are undergoing now? There are no such people in our generation.

It will be easier for the next generation though. We will leave them our teachers, our impressions, we will leave them the broken Kli (shattered vessel) that we have begun to reconstruct, and so, of course, it will be easier for them to do it.

I am not quite sure how the group will undergo the levels of attainment. We are advancing by making small steps, and although we are advancing quite fast, every small step is still new, so time will tell. We will intensively move forward and see for ourselves how it works.

On the whole, our movement is similar to the states Kabbalists underwent in earlier generations, but there may also be changes since group work is implemented for the first time. It is new, since throughout history the assembly of the broken Kelim (shattered vessels), the vessel of the general soul has never been fulfilled.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/11/19

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