The Connection With The Teacher

961.2Question: How can we know that we have a connection with the teacher?

Answer: If you participate in the lessons and follow my advice all the time, then you already have a double connection with me. After all, you receive the method from me and you try to implement it between you and return to me with questions.

This is your connection with the teacher. It is conveyed through an external connection to an internal connection, and you begin to feel it.

Question: Can people who have no connection to the wisdom of Kabbalah at all open up new horizons for me in understanding the wisdom of Kabbalah and in understanding myself?

Answer: Absolutely not. They will begin to delve into psychology or philosophy, into the philosophies of the East etc., but not into the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Baal HaSulam says that the only way to attain the wisdom of Kabbalah is through a Kabbalist teacher. I met a Sufi sage in England once.

In my meeting with that sage he also told me: “If you wish to study with me, you need to love me.” This means that everything is based on the connection between the teacher and the student.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/2/18

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