“Sorcery” Vs. Prayer

534Question: The state called “witchcraft and sorcery” comes from above, from the spiritual root. The Creator seems to be playing with us for us to discover a single law that is direct, exact, and scientific. Does He also give us a place of uncertainty to try to find our way?

Answer: There is a quality opposite to “witchcraft and sorcery.” It states: “Borrow from Me, and then pay it back.” This is how the Creator appeals to us. This is possible.

That is, I do not need to conjure or fortune-tell, I can simply ask Him: “Give me strength, opportunities, and knowledge so that I can do the right thing to reach the goal, and then I will pay You back. I know that I have no strength, no knowledge or willpower of my own to elevate myself.”

This is not sorcery. You are consciously using His power. Like a small child, you take His hand and ask Him to lead you to the goal. This is natural.

While sorcery and witchcraft is when you try to steal the same power to advance, not in  connection with the Creator, but independently. And here, of course, lies a problem. After all, you are given these powers so that you can use them, although not in every case, because here you do not follow the direct law of nature. But then you have to pay it back, which is very difficult. This path is undesirable.

Comment: You’re telling us very complex things. They are not easy to understand.

My Response: We are talking about a person who is advancing and beginning to feel the spiritual world and himself—the Creator on one hand, and one’s egoistic desires on the other hand. A person begins to feel how he should be acting.

And then he has to choose between engaging in “magic” or raising a request. For in a spiritual place these two options are equal; thus, this is where they arise. And, naturally, those who raise a request win. But one still has to pay it back.

Witchcraft makes it seem like I’m going to dive in and achieve my result. While here I have to annul myself before the Creator. This is hard. Therefore, unfortunately, most people lie to themselves and others every moment, and then come to face the reckoning.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #4

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