Faith—Feeling The Creator

276.02Baal HaSulam, Shamati, Article 34, “The Advantage of the Land“: Thus, one must believe that His guidance is benevolent, but since one is immersed in self-love, it induces disparity of form in him, since there was a correction called in order to bestow, called “equivalence of form.”

The question is what does it mean that a person must believe? To believe what one is told is nonsense. Self-persuasion is also not worth it.

Faith refers to feeling the Creator. To attain faith is to attain the feeling of the Creator in the light of Hasadim. If a person constantly keeps himself on this level, he does not feel afraid of problems he encounters in life. He knows where everything stems from and where everything is going. He is in constant contact with the upper force. This is his anchor, the root of his existence.

We must therefore attain the attribute of Bina, the attribute of bestowal, where we adhere to the Creator even to the smallest extent. And then everything, whatever we feel will be like connecting to eternity, to the eternal flow of our states.

Question: Why is it called faith?

Answer: Faith is the attribute of Bina—when I ascend above my ego and see everything not inside my egoism, but above it.

Comment: It turns out that the concept of faith is totally distorted in our world. We are told something and we believe blindly.

Answer: In our world, I am told something and I accept it as a fact. This is totally wrong. True faith is when I perceive the presence of the Creator and my connection with Him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/22/19

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