The Right To Act In The Upper World

541Question: How to achieve inclusion in the upper world?

Answer: Only through the correct knowledge of the entire general system and nothing else. You will never be able to enter the upper world if you do not know it.

In our world, when you are born, your parents serve you and make you, literally from scratch, a little person and a human.

In the spiritual world, you must do all this with the help of upper forces, which are also called “father” and “mother.” But at the same time, you must make your own efforts, that is, raise yourself with the help of the forces that are given to you.

Only to the extent that you can do the right thing and never make mistakes are you given the right to see, feel, and act in the upper world. There are no errors.

Question: How can you reach such a level before entering the upper world that you do not make mistakes?

Answer: Only by reading The Book of Zohar. Nothing else.

Read, but with our comments where you are told how to set yourself up to cause maximum contact with the spiritual system, to get closer to it.

In principle, gradually bringing yourself closer to it, not yet feeling it clearly, you already feel how it changes you. You begin to feel the forces that operate behind the picture of our world and control it, as you see this whole world like on a computer or TV screen.

Usually, we see a picture on them, but in fact, they are forces, vectors that comprise this picture. It is the same here: you move from the external picture to the vectors, and you begin to understand their state, their connections with each other, how you can manage them, and eventually get the right picture.

If you want to fix our world, you must reach the layer where the forces that define it are located. The science of Kabbalah makes this possible.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #2

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