How To Feel The Connection Between Myself, The Creator And The World?

947Question: I hate the state of receiving for myself. But how can I increase my willpower in order to get out of myself as quickly as possible and include the entire process of creation within me, to understand and feel the connection between me, the Creator, and the world?

When I find myself in a situation outside the group, I doubt a lot and cannot expand past this point. I seem to attend classes in a group, but a week passes, and the state of fulfillment, giving away somewhere leaves. What can you recommend?

Answer: I cannot give you any advice besides full integration within a group. I do not know which group you belong to, what you are involved with, and to what extent you are working on the integration of everyone with everyone. But the fact is that besides that there is nothing else.

If you are fully integrated with a group and stop feeling the difference between you and others, you will become qualified and suitable for receiving and discovering the upper light within you.

Through integration in a group, you transform yourself from being an egoist to possessing the characteristic of bestowal so that the light will begin to be revealed in you.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/25/18

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