Catch The Image Of The Creator

laitman_938.01Question: What does it mean to feel the Creator through the group? How does this happen?

Answer: If I am not included in the group, I cannot feel the Creator. After all, I am just one small parameter. In order to feel the Creator, there must be nine other parameters besides me, and then I will have a model called HaVaYaH (the name of the Creator).

Therefore, I must connect with nine more friends. Together, no matter in what states we are, we must try to be connected with each other so that like a locator we will try to detect between us such states that will capture the image of the Creator.

This happens on the condition that we all annul ourselves before each other, try to help each other, are bound by mutual responsibility (mutual guarantee), and are in connection, in union (Brit).

These are the same conditions that Rabash prescribes for us. If we are more or less directed to them and try to focus ourselves on observing them, then that’s all we need. We will capture the Creator completely.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 2/12/19

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