My Thoughts On Twitter 9/11/18

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One becomes a spiritual embryo only by fully annulling to the upper. Otherwise one can’t incorporate in the upper for an embryo is a desire opposite to the upper
One adheres to the upper and develops inside him only inasmuch as one restricts one’s qualities and accepts the upper

One must remember that all thoughts, desires and actions are from the Creator.

Blowing the shofar summons us to reveal the Creator’s rule in us and the world.
And not to forget it, which is possible only by the quality of Bina, bestowal, light of Hassadim, correction. In it, light of Hochma, beauty, Creator is revealed.

The New Year and the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) are holidays, although man is judged, for the Creator’s greatness, the light of Hochma is revealed.
But we must prepare light of Hassadim, correction, bestowal.
Filling light of Hassadim by light of Hochma is perfection, a Good Day (Yom Tov)
From Twitter, 9/11/18

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