Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/14/18

laitman_961.2Question: What are the characteristics of the soul? Are a person’s character traits relevant to the soul?

Answer: No. A soul is only the characteristic of bestowal and love, it has no relevance to the present concepts of bestowal and love in our world: Joseph loves Sarah, Sarah loves Joseph, or Andrew gives a gift to Nicole. This is not the same love and not the same gift.

Question: How can it be that a higher soul, which is more significant and stronger, has no influence on the material level that is lower and weaker than it?

Answer: It does have an influence, and how! But that higher soul influences such that these lower and weaker souls don’t feel it. Moreover, it participates in their development.

Question: Does a planet exist in the universe where a person is born with a complete soul that did not become broken and is not inclined to corporeal changes through birth and death?

Answer: Nowhere except for Earth will you encounter the kind of life that exists here that is attracted to the spiritual world. Our planet is unique this way.

Question: What are the laws of the soul?

Answer: The laws of the upper world: the characteristic of bestowal, dependence on a Masach (screen), Aviut (thickness – the depth of desire), and Reshimot (reminiscences – data of spiritual knowledge). This is everything that we learn in the wisdom of Kabbalah; these are the laws of the development of the soul.

Question: Could there be a situation that in the present incarnation some souls have already ascended higher and others have no hope and are destined to be reborn?

Answer: Yes. In principle this is so.

Question: How does religion influence the development of the soul?

Answer: Religion does not influence and has no relevance to the development of the soul, so you should become involved with and learn the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: Is it possible to say that through acquiring a soul and attracting higher forces, I will be able to ascend to higher worlds while I am still alive, will continue ascending there and elevating humanity? Is this the meaning of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Yes. Very well phrased.

Question: Do you have the ability to remain in our world for the sake of your present and future students until the full return of the reconnected soul of Adam?

Answer: All of us are mutually connected in every state. When necessary, I will disappear, and when necessary, I will return.

Question: If a person makes the wrong choice that is not appropriate for the development of his soul, will the higher powers direct him toward the right choice?

Answer: No, the higher powers only make it possible for a person to choose whether to advance or not, helped by freedom of choice.

Question: Can a criminal or a thief be a spiritual person?

Answer: No. A spiritual person cannot steal. He can carry out some kind of activity that in our eyes is perceived as bad, but in fact he is serving a higher purpose.

Question: Why were we specifically chosen to be involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Your souls were already ripe. You are the most egoistic; therefore, you have ripened for involvement with
the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: Are there unique, chosen souls, and do they feel their uniqueness?

Answer: Every person feels unique because his soul is individual. But uniqueness is examined solely and only through realization; therefore, it is necessary to prepare seriously for spiritual realization, to participate in it and to instigate it.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 1/14/18

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