Why Does Cancer Affect Younger People?

627.2Question: Why does cancer affect younger people?

Answer: It is because our egoism constantly expands. Cancer is the direct consequence of our ego, which devours everything around itself, and then it dies with the body. Everything depends only on egoism.

Try to deal with its eradication in cancer patients, and you will see results. I do not guarantee that there will be complete success, but there will be relative success.

Question: You do not guarantee absolute success because we are all connected in one way or another?

Answer: Firstly, we are all connected. Secondly, if we would be properly engaged in group spiritual work, then it will cause the group’s rejuvenation, recovery, and even relative healing of the body.

We have to constantly think about the group, be inside it. Even a small group is already the center of physical, spiritual, and moral health.

Try to do this, and you will see that you will not have any questions, you will start to answer them. You will feel the entire system from the connection among yourselves. It is natural. We have nothing to think about, only to act in a mutual connection among each other.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/20/17

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