The Highest Gain

laitman_942Question: How do Kabbalists benefit from unity?

Answer: The benefit is huge, in fact, it is the highest! We can reveal a new form of life in Kabbalistic unity!

We can travel between galaxies, rise above our universe, go beyond it and beyond the material life we exist in now. We can feel ourselves living outside the body.

This is possible and achieved through the right connection between people.

Question: Is this unity similar to how cells are connected when a single-cell organism becomes more perfect?

Answer: No. If we unite through the type of cells, then we create the right egoistic society, as in the present society. It functions well egotistically, but it does not rise to the next level.

We need to reach a state where, as a body, we will support ourselves in reciprocity so that we are governed by one force, one brain, and one heart. For this, we need to rise above our own egoistic nature.

During this life, we have to reach the next level, and this cannot be achieved by any ordinary tricks. We must put ourselves in a special state while in our earthly state, where we attract the upper Light. It will then pull us to the next step, and then to the next one, and so on until we rise above our world.

In our world, we need to sustain a minimal level in order to exist because all our thoughts and aspirations should be directed at the revelation of the upper world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/8/17

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