Overcome The Inner Barrier

Laitman_002Question: You were with your teacher Rabash for 12 years. After eight or ten years you already knew a lot, you wrote books. Did you have the feeling that you no longer had anything to learn from him?

Answer: Yes, there were states like that. They were accompanied by internal tension and resentment.

For example, the teacher explains, but you already know that listening to an explanation is not enough. We must somehow overcome the potential internal barrier, but you cannot overcome it. And, of course, there are problems. It is here that you have to cancel yourself, and this is contrary to the desire.

Question: Did Rabash tell you how he had to nullify himself to Baal HaSulam?

Answer: He didn’t say that, but he casually mentioned a few times that it was very difficult for him because it is even more difficult to nullify yourself to your father.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/1/17

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