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laitman_938.05Remark: In our times, people communicate with each other less and less. They bury themselves in their mobile phones, computers and send each other emojis.

My Comment: This is invented in order to create an illusion of communication. Someone wrote to you, you answered someone; you somehow read the message and typed an answer. That’s it, communication over.

Question: What is the communication Kabbalists speak about?

Answer: Kabbalistic communication is a few levels higher.

First, when we contact each other, we talk about the ways to alter our feelings so that they get in unison, and we begin to understand each other. This happens not only through text, sound, and information carriers, not only through sensory channels between us, but we aspire to get onto the one spiritual wave that fills the entire universe.

We are trying to reach such a level of the common wave where we could feel it together, but naturally, each one in his own way. Just as we hear the same melody and each one experiences it in his qualities; nevertheless, we have something in common.

The commonality is in this melody that comes from one source and causes qualities in us that are, perhaps, somewhat different, but they are adequate relative to the source itself, and therefore we meet in it.

We remain different, but feel this difference between us. And most importantly, when each of us connects to the source, it is the source that connects us with each other, we are equal in it. Otherwise, we cannot contact each other at all, and we suddenly discover that we can only communicate through mobile phones.

Therefore, Kabbalistic communication is completely different. It happens without words. We do not send any messages to each other, but together we try to rise onto the same wave, to reveal the field of the Creator and to exist in it.

Question: What makes us to communicate in this way? We see that humanity does not want to contact each other.

Answer: Indeed, a person does not want to communicate with others at all unless this calms him down and fills him up. Yet, in principle, he does not need communication.

But this is a completely different matter in Kabbalah because we attain our inner spiritual life through this. We reveal the eternal, everlasting state that rises all the time, including everything that exists in itself—something an ordinary person does not feel.

When we begin to understand what Kabbalah has prepared for us, it is amazing. Then we stop engaging in all sorts of technical means of communication and try to reach contact on the level of thoughts and feelings in the connection between us in the ten. This contact includes all the present, past, and future with us and with humanity as a whole. This is a completely different way of communication.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/22/17

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