Answers To Your Questions, Part 216

Laitman_066.03Question: Are jokes slander? What do Kabbalists laugh about?

Answer: Kabbalists never laugh at people because that is how they were created by the Creator. They laugh at unexpected connections of various phenomena that lead to the joy of discovery.

Question: How can a person get out from the intense and stressful power of the group while using the training of the practical wisdom of the Kabbalah? A person who is involved with external people attracts the Light to them but does not ascend himself! How can he leave the trap of this Klipa (shell)? After all, the greater the person is, the stronger the influence of Tuma’a (impurity) on him is. There is a very great lack in this concept. 

Answer: You are confused because you have been studying from the wrong sources. Follow our lessons in groups of ten and everything will become clear to you.

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