My Thoughts On Twitter, 7/27/17


#HISTORY is pure invention, depicted in us by our ego—and only so that the ego could affirm itself!

Today’s greatest challenge is to recognize the #crisis, and realize it’s not destruction but the birth of a new humanity.

The world doesn’t have its own #reality—our #perception warped by the ego (black ego against a white background) depicts the world to us.

We stand before a consciousness revolution, whether we want it or not. As #consciousness changes, we’ll perceive/attain world in a new way.

We lose neither the past, the present or the future. We examine the states we find ourselves in, and change. And so changes the #world!

As civilization develops the union of all its parts becomes > any individual part. Each one’s existence is egoistic, their union altruistic

From Twitter, 7/27/17

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