My Thoughts On Twitter, 7/24/17


Wishing to live like rentiers #Europe pushed industry to third world. Offshores’ grip won’t free them of taxes, so quality of life is falling.

The crisis of democratic institutions is that marketing WINS elections, misleading and defrauding the voter. #crisis

Crisis is systemic—in everything, everywhere. Reason: connection is only possible despite the #EGO, man’s nature, ABOVE all differences.

The crisis will force us to look at it not as a crisis but the birth of a new world. “Crisis” translates to “labor!” #KABBALAH

We must learn to accept differences as a source of prosperity, for by building bridges above them, we reveal the upper world. #KABBALAH

Taking away the media’s place between president & voters, #Trump exposed the stupefying of the masses and that is why they hate him.

From Twitter, 7/24/17

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